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How Important is Role Play for Children?

The importance of role play for childrens development.

Role Play Can Be A Valuable Developmental Aid

Did you know that role play is an important part of your child’s development?

Let’s see what role play can help with and improve.

Be creative and use their imagination

Role play involves loads of fantasy and creativity, such as being a princess in a castle chased by a monster ( my daughter loves that one ), or a pirate who discovered a huge chess of gold. You will notice when they decide who they want to be or what they want to be that they will use objects in the home to create their ideal world. A princess in a castle will become a big blanket on top of chairs with loads of pillows under it, whilst an outdoor stick might become a magic wand or a sword. My daughter puts objects on the floor like pillows, paper, blankets, and toys, then jumps on them saying she can’t touch the lava. Creativity is endless for them and it’s amazing how they believe it’s all real! Letting children be creative will help them in the future with their critical thinking, maybe while at work or during a DIY job.

Improves communication and language skills

While using role-play a child will use different forms of verbs, past, present and future. It improves story-telling because while they act the part they will also speak about what they are doing, who is there with them, and what is about to happen.

Act out and make sense of real-life situations

Role play helps children learn a variety of life skills. It teaches them to cooperate and negotiate with others, about themselves and the world around them, and helps to share and resolve conflicts.

Social and emotional development

You might find that children who are shy may come out of their shell during role play as they feel like it can be their safe place. Children will also learn to collaborate with each other in order to play and this might help them overcome some fears they have. Many baby and toddler groups and play areas have dedicated role playing areas where children can thrive.

Helps with problem-solving

This is another important skill that is needed as an adult that can be learned during childhood through role-play. You can encourage your child when they are playing by asking them how are they going to solve a problem. For example, how are you going to get through the lava without falling in? They will be able to give you the answer to what they think is the best solution, just listen to what they are saying while playing and ask one or two questions for them to solve but without distracting them too much.

Role Play Ideas with Household Items

  • SUPERMARKET – Use foods you have at home, cereal, cans, bananas, a box or a paper bag to put the shopping in. Add prices to your food this with help also with math skills.
  • SHOP – Same set up as the supermarket but you can use other items like clothes, shoes, toys etc…
  • COOKING – Pretend to be a chef with your child and cook some of your favourite dishes! You can also try our happy little doers cards for kids baking ideas
  • HOUSEHOLD ACTIVITIES – Cleaning can be fun for your child. Give them a broom or a cloth and they will be very happy to help out. You can also give them an iron (not on) and teach them to use it on their own clothes.
  • PILOT ROLE PLAY – Use chairs to create an airplane and take turns being the pilot or a passenger. Use paper or card to create your own passports and boarding passes.

On our website you can find may toys for role-play such as a doctor’s bag or hairdresser’s set.


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