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Sensory Toys

Sensory toys are important in developing cognitive, emotional, and social skills, including developing fine motor skills

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Many of our baby toys cross over into the sensory category, and this is by design due to how important sensory toys are for your baby’s development. – ” Very quick delivery and great customer service, love our item, thank you, Lauren

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silicone teething toy with rattle.

How does sensory play help baby development

Sensory toys can help strengthen your baby’s brain development, improve memory function and give them the tools they need to handle more complex tasks, including hand-to-eye coordination and independent thinking.

Children will be encouraged to talk about their toys when exploring the different shapes and textures, which subsequently also aids in their speech development. They will learn to associate words with what they have learnt at play.

sophie the giraffe sensory toy.

Sensory toys and autism

Sensory toys can be appealing to children on the spectrum as the toys are more in line with their needs, specifically stimulating one or more of the five senses.

Encouraging children to engage more with their senses will help regulate their sensory needs in a more efficient way than other toys.

An ideal sensory toy for autism is one that enables them to engage in play with their family and friends. It should be designed so the child can easily interact with it.

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