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Bonding With Your Child

Bonding with your child ideas from Mamiina

How important is bonding with your child, and when does it start?

Bonding with your child can start from the moment your baby is born. Your baby can actually recognise your voice because he or she heard it for 9 months whilst in your tummy. This is one of the reasons that when we singing can immediately calm a crying or distressed baby. Bonding with your baby is an essential part of their life, especially when their needs are being met. Being there for them when they are crying, comforting them, feeding them, and also playing is a very important part. 

Bonding activities can include 

  • Feeding, breast or bottle 
  • Reading 
  • Singing 
  • Using a baby carrier 
  • Bathing your baby 

The bonding process for many parents doesn’t start immediately. It can take a few days or even weeks, and this is completely normal. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your baby, but rather that you need some extra time to get to know this little person you just gave birth to. So don’t ever feel guilty if that extreme love you thought you were going to have doesn’t come as soon as they enter into this world! In the meantime, you can still bond with your baby by meeting their needs as stated above. 

At around 3 months your baby will start smiling, that is how they are bonding with you, through eye contact and lots of smiling. You can find some lovely activities to do with them at this age or even earlier, read one of our blogs on activities for babies or find some ideas here.

The older your child gets the easier it is to go out and do some fun activities with them. Playing with parents is extremely important for them as it makes them feel special and secure. This can be outdoor activities like simply going for a walk or to the park, but indoor activities can be fun too!

Finding a balance between work and bonding with your child

If you are a working mum, then after your maternity leave is over it becomes even harder to make the necessary time for bonding. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we work long hours, we are always rushed, and we have a million things to do. However, it is important to make time for cuddles and play, which will help them grow into a secure adult and strengthen their relationship with you.

One example we can all learn from is Julie from Comme des jumelles, a mother of 3 beautiful daughters who wanted to create a magical bonding moment with them. This led to her creating a before-bedtime bonding experience not only to have fun but also to give you and your child the perfect glowing skin.

How it works

Every night before bedtime you and your child (suitable from age 3 and up) can create a special routine using the dream box or the cleanser and cream or even both!

The Commes des Jumelles dream box can be used at bath time by using the bath bomb which has a lovely lavender scent. After that, you can give a lovely massage with the tiny dream drops and then spray head in the clouds pillow mist that also includes lavender as well as fennel 2 aromas that will help with a peaceful sleep for you and your child.

As with all Mamiina products we also use them ourselves, and my favourite product from the range is the facial cleanser cream. The smell is amazing, contains 99% natural products, and is the perfect bedtime bonding experience to do. First, use the cleanser (you don’t need much ) which you can also keep on for a few minutes to act as a facial mask (why not use the massage oil while you are waiting !) , and then just rinse it off with a cloth. Finally, apply Comme un Caresse to give you and your child the daily hydration your skin needs. 

As I wrote above, modern-day mums have such busy lives and Comme des Jumelles gives that opportunity to spend 20 minutes or more just with your child at night, but as an added bonus also helps with better sleep and keeping your skin healthy.


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