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Elodie Details Dummies

Designer dummies for the fashion conscious baby (and mummy)

Large selection of Elodie Details Dummies always in stock. Order before 3pm* for next day delivery.

Loved by mums for their style and detail, Elodie Dummies lives up to their name. Designer dummies for your baby at an affordable price. – ” Very quick delivery and great customer service, love our item, thank you, Lauren

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baby sucking on a dummy from Mamiina baby store.

Should I give my baby an Elodie Details dummy?

There are reasons for and against giving your baby an Elodie Details dummy. Many babies simply don’t take to dummies; we know through our own experience trying to get Maddy to pose for product photos!

Other babies take to dummies immediately from birth and use it as a form of comfort. This alone can have a huge benefit especially for mum, where the baby won’t need the nipple for comfort every 5 minutes.

The soothing effect afforded by a dummy often results in a more settled baby, especially at night time, but are there reasons why dummies should be avoided?

baby with elodie dummy and mamiina baby clip.

Disadvntages of Dummies

Some disadvantages of dummies are fairly well known and documented, but to summarize here are a few we feel are worth knowing:

  • Dummy use much like thumb sucking can increase the chance of dental problems later in childhood, particularly if used beyond 4-5 years of age.
  • Heavy dummy use during the day can result in your child finding it hard to say words correctly when they start to speak.
  • Babies can become too reliant on their dummy for comfort or to sleep.
  • Babies can become very attached to their dummy. You might find yourself constantly searching for it in a panic to settle your baby. Our dummy clips will help with this!
  • Dummy clips should not be used at night time. You may therefore find your baby constantly waking in the night unable to find his or her dummy.


Check out our large range of dummy / soother clips from Mamiina, designed to keep your baby’s dummy within reach at all times.

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