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Created by babies. Who knows better than them what they want?

Dumforter In The Wild collection available at Mamiina

This unique product combines a dummy and comforter in one! The Dumforter is hugely popular with babies and toddlers all around and comes in a variety of fun animal themes. – “My Alice can’t get enough of her Dumforters. Already eyeing up the next purchase for our collection, Lisa

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Dumforter soother and comforter in one

The Dumforter Story

The Dumforter is the invention of Johanne, but she didn’t arrive at the idea all on her own!

Her baby was very much into her muslin and dummy, and one day her son asked the question “Why does my sister have to have a Comforter and a Dummy? Why can’t she just have one?”

With that single question, the idea for the Dumforter was born, and Johanne turned it into what it is today, a hugely popular dummy and comforter in one! 

The range has since grown to include many different characters as well as new products, and more on the horizon. Watch this space for new Dumforter products we will be stocking soon.

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